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What is special about K+S soluFamily range of water-soluble fertilizers?

K+S soluFamily promote products with special features ideal to fertigation (low water-insoluble matter, low moisture, acidic pH etc.). K+S Fertilizers (India) Pvt. Ltd. can offer a complete range of crop-specific tailor-made fertigation grades under #soluFamily

How can a customer benefit from unique Agronomy and Advisory Services?

The quality products of soluFamily are accompanied with dedicated agronomy and advisory services backed by novel research and development coupled with dedicated regulatory services

How do we recognize K+S soluFamily in the market?

The products of K+S are recognized by its brand icon “RED BULL”, which represent products with German quality, depicting the Power, Performance, Leadership and Endurance of K+S products.

What do crop brochures offer for K+S soluFamily?

Crops brochures offer scientific guidelines for achieving higher crop yields with enhanced crop quality using soluFamily products.

What is the role of K+S Sales Agronomist?

Sales Agronomist is the direct point of contact with the farmer, competent to offer required information on K+S soluFamily product folio and discuss the fertigation strategy through crop brochures, fertigation schedules and webinars.