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K+S Fertilizers (India) Pvt. Ltd. represents a wide range of soil conditioners, as well as liquid and foliar fertilizers. Many of our products have been approved for application within organic agriculture.

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soluCMS®: the nutritional complement to water-soluble fertilizers

April 27, 2020

From now on we offer soluCMS® – a natural and organic anhydrous magnesium sulfate, mined in Germany, containing 98% MgSO4 to produce water-soluble fertilizers. It complements water-soluble NPK’s with additional nutrients such as Mg and S.


Water-soluble Fertilizers for Foliar and Fertigation

Product BIO N P K Mg S Ca
in % as Total N as P2O5 as K2O as MgSO4 as S as CaO
soluMOP® 60
soluSOP® 52 52 17.5
soluSOP® 50 17.5
soluNOP® 13 45
soluMAP® 12 61
soluMKP® 52 34
soluAMS® 20.5 23
soluCN® 15.5 18.5
soluUP® 17 44
EPSO Top® 9.5 12

Fertiliser Additives

Product Key Application
soluCMS® Desiccant and nutritional complement for water-soluble fertilizers
GranuAid® Granulation additive for ammonium nitrate-containing (AN) and other fertilizers


Water-soluble Fertilizer

This brochure gives an overview of products suitable for fertigation and foliar application as well as detailed technical information for application.