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KaliSOP®: Ultimate nutrition for your crops

What is KaliSOP® (0-0-50)?

  • Granular potassium sulphate soil fertilizer for fertigation crops
  • Origin: Germany, a product of premium quality containing 50% K2O and 18% S
  • Preferred source for supplying K and S without stress from excessive chlorides and salts
  • Perfect fit for mechanised spreading, bulk blending, and manual soil application
  • Highly recommended for chloride sensitive crops and high-quality cash crops
  • An ideal option for fruits, vegetables and S responsive pulses and oilseeds
  • Chloride free fertilizer with low salt index (46) in comparison to MOP (117)
  • Important potassium source for crops grown in semiarid regions with salinity problems

How is K+S KaliSOP® different from other SOP fertilizers available in the market?

  • KaliSOP® is a natural fertilizer extracted from K+S mines in Germany
  • KaliSOP® is produced by recrystallization of natural salt deposits
  • KaliSOP® granules are compacted using German technology
  • KaliSOP® comes with organic certification, permitted for use in organic agriculture
  • KaliSOP® has uniform particle size (D50 – 2.8 mm)
  • KaliSOP® guarantee homogenous nutrient distribution when applied on the field

How is KaliSOP® different than MOP fertilizer?

  • KaliSOP® is independent of soil pH, can be applied to all soils, fully water soluble and plant available when applied
  • KaliSOP® is an ideal K source in sandy to loamy soils, Sulphate in KaliSOP® is more strongly retained by soil colloids than chloride in MOP. Thus, leaching loss of K through MOP is much higher than KaliSOP®
  • KaliSOP® is a right K source in high value fruits and vegetables
    • high chloride concentration in MOP causes leaf damage (necrosis), decreases fruit size and lowers sugar and starch content by interfering with K uptake
    • high chloride concentration in MOP can interfere with transpiration rate and restrict plant growth.
  • KaliSOP® is a solution for application in calcareous soils
      • the sulphate anion of KaliSOP® acidifies the soil, releasing iron and phosphorus for plant uptake which could be rendered insoluble by excess calcium

How to apply KaliSOP®?

  • Broadcast application at planting both manually or using mechanical spreaders
  • Top dressing (broadcast and/or band placement) at flowering to fruiting
  • Repeat application after every picking in multiple harvest crops


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