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soluAMS®: ideal booster for sulfur responsive crops

soluAMS® is an immediately effective fertigation fertilizer with nitrogen and sulfur.

  • Fully water-soluble and immediately available to plants.
  • Practically free of chloride and sodium.
  • Covers peak requirements in all growth phases.
  • Reduces nutrient losses as ammonium-N is sorbed by clay particles.
  • Lowers the pH of the soil and thus improves the nutrient uptake of phosphorus and trace nutrients on alkaline soils.
  • Sulfur is essential for protein synthesis and increases nitrogen efficiency.
  • Can be used as a foliar fertilizer and in fertigation systems.
  • Miscible with most pesticides and other fertilizers.

Advisory of K+S

The advisory service of K+S aims at transferring existing and new research findings in the field of plant nutrition to agricultural practice. Farmers all over the world benefit from this know-how, which enables them to implement new and promising methods in their fertilisation practice, and to thereby improve yields and quality of their harvests. Our commitment and our expertise represent a significant contribution to securing global food supply and to protect the livelihoods of farmers. Feel free to approach us:

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